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Below are the questions we’re most commonly asked by our clients.

We try to make our pricing policy as straightforward as possible, so we avoid the BAF surcharges that many other transport companies impose. The price we offer is final – the only thing added to it is VAT.

The price includes the following:

  • One loading and unloading point
  • Loading and unloading time based on the calculated weight of the goods (10 mins for small consignments, 30 mins for up to 5000 kg, 45 mins for 5001-10,000 kg and two hours for between 10,001 kg and full trailers). If loading or unloading takes longer than planned, this is marked in the consignment notes and every additional hour of waiting time is charged separately at the rate of €16 per hour, €130 per lay day.

CMR insurance of up to 8.33 SDR per gross kilogram (1 SDR = ca €1.20) and expediter’s liability insurance. Since CMR insurance is limited, we recommend taking out additional freight insurance.

Our aim here in the Bestway Group is to ensure 100% quality in the transport services we offer, but sometimes situations do occur – mostly through human error – where goods being transported are damaged. Such situations are unpleasant for everyone involved, so our aim is to find as quick and appropriate a solution to them as possible.

If you notice upon delivery that your goods have been damaged or that the total amount doesn’t match the numbers on the CMR, go over the details with the driver, record them on the CMR, sign it and have the driver sign off on it as well. Photos taken at the time will be useful, too. Let the logistics specialist know about the problem – they’ll then inform you of subsequent steps. Claims of damage only discovered later must reach us within seven days of unloading. Once you’ve determined the extent of the damage and other details, submit your claim (attaching photos, delivery documents, a full description of the damaged or missing goods, a justification for the amount you’re claiming as compensation and the invoice) to the logistics specialist. If you’re seeking full compensation of the value of the damaged goods, we have the right to take ownership of the goods.

Compensation is based on the purchase invoice of the goods. The compensation amount isn’t taxable, since it doesn’t constitute a sale or purchase transaction as defined by taxation law. As such, VAT doesn’t need to be added to the invoice.

The expediter can’t be held liable if the loss of the goods, the reduction in the value of the goods, the damage to the goods or delays in the delivery of the goods are caused by:

  • an error or carelessness on the part of the client;
  • the client or an individual acting on their behalf who has loaded, unloaded or otherwise handled the goods;
  • damage arising from the nature of the goods, such as breaking, leaking, catching fire, going off, going rusty, fermenting, evaporating or perishing due to sensitivity to heat, cold or moisture;
  • a complete or partial lack of packaging or packing material;
  • an incorrect or incomplete address or the incorrect or incomplete marking of the goods;
  • misleading or insufficient information being provided about the goods; or
  • circumstances it was not within the expediter’s power to avoid and whose consequences they were unable to prevent.

All expediters operate with limited liability. This means that our liability in the event of goods being damaged, losing value or going missing depends on the weight of the goods. More precisely, in the case of road transport we’re liable for 8.33 SDR per gross kilogram of goods (1 SDR = ca €1.20, i.e. approx. €10 per kilogram of damaged goods). As such, if the goods affected are lightweight and/or highly valuable, the client may not be compensated for the full value of the goods if they’re damaged or go missing. For this reason we always recommend taking out extra freight insurance.