A BWG veteran and a first-class pâtissière, Elina always turns up at our Tallinn office laden with mouth-watering cakes and pastries. She’s a true go-getter who faces down every challenge, taking a positive, open-minded and amicable approach to life and her work.


Ragnar is proof that bosses can be perfectly normal people, too. As the team motivator, his buoyant mood and sense of humour serve him well – but if for some reason they don’t help, he always has his smarts to fall back on. And not only is he a leading light in the office, but also in the world of motorsports.


Look up ‘workaholic’ in any dictionary and the one-word definition you’ll find is ‘Kätlin’! She has positivity in spades and is more than happy to share it, and is always there to offer moral support.


Daniil is The Cool Dude® in the BWG office. He’s all over transport, all over the world. A great guy with a killer sense of humour and an insane work ethic, he keeps a level head in every situation.


Always fun and upbeat, Raido is mad about motorbikes. Knowing as much as he does and having done so many different things in life, his smarts and his experience serve him just as well on holiday in Ibiza as they do in the office. He’s a great teacher who encourages everyone to give their all.


Our other Raido is a multitalented man, a dab hand at logistics and photography alike. He’s very athletic and lives a healthy life bursting with positivity enough to make anyone envious. He’s just like Leonardo DiCaprio, only from Estonia.


Ragnar’s restless legs are rarely still – he runs more than everyone else in the office combined, barely breaking a sweat in one marathon after another. He’s very centred; nothing ever rattles him. He takes a systematic approach to his work, is never late and never misses a deadline.


Jelena is a rising star in the world of logistics. Friendly, considerate and eager to learn, her dedication is an example to us all.


Triin is a true team player, always happy to help her colleagues. Outside of work her passion is rally driving, or rather navigating, but she also pitches in on the mechanical side of things.


Whenever Merli’s not at her desk, you’re most likely to find her in the gym or out on her motorbike. Upbeat, friendly and incredibly observant, she never turns down an exciting new challenge.